Rachel Smith UK

I am a painter based in the UK.  Although originally from Essex, I have lived in the north east since 2008, with my daughter who has severe disabilities due to meningitis as a child.  I have a Textiles BA and achieved an MA in Fine Art in 2020.

I am inspired by trees, and by the people around me. I initially documented images through photography and video, which then lead me to paint images around my place in the world, as well as the places of the people I encounter. I use different media - mainly oils on linen, but also acrylics and collage, in addition to egg tempura on board.

My paintings are often about escape and the individual, albeit sometimes distorted, and the ways we see our world whilst searching for our own places in it. I feel that in finding the things which are important to us, we can also find that place of contentment, even if just for a moment.

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