Pauline Rignall / UK


My paintings interweave between landscape, myths and dreams. When I paint, I respond to the marks I make on the canvas intuitively, finding a rhythm and a sense of space to express a feeling of an experience, which could be an external or an internal one. 

The act of painting is a constant process of being present by immersing myself in light and space whether I'm involved in landscape or still life. It is not a literal representation of reality but rather, it is an unfolding of a hidden order through the rhythm and balance of mark making and obliteration. Engaging in this process is the flux between dream images and the waking world.  My early influences were through sitting for Leon Kossoff (who studied under David Bomberg) and the life-drawing classes taught by Sargy Mann at the Camden Institute. Since the early 1980s I've had an interest in the Alexander Technique and its relationship to freedom in the psychophysical act of painting and drawing.

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